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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  September 27, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> look at this horrible scene. 16-year-old boy is killed. 6 people hospitalized when woman crashed her speeding car into a minivan this morning in san francisco. the coroner has identified the boy as a student at link could be high school, kevin santa good evening. this accident happened at golf and pine street just before 7:00 a.m. abc 7 news reporter
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lillian explains what happened. >> got out and grabbed her hea head. it was kind of like she was in shock. >> she saw a womb get out of the vehicle moments after the collision. police say it was her suv that rear ended a minivan stopped at the light. crash left both vehicles in pieces. >> got boxed like. that flip over. flip over like the back part flip up and land on the side. >> san francisco fire department says it happened just before 7:00 a.m. they say old every woman was driving recklessly in silver suv open pine street running red lights at 80 first before rear ending a minivan at pine and golf. she was not seriously hurt but the crash critically injured the woman driving the minivan as well as her daughter. her 16-year-old son was killed. kevin shawn was student at lincoln high school in sap frn sunset district. >> i feel in so awful for the family. >>reporter: general mapger at this catering company 3 employee involved in the crash. the catering truck in front of
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the minivan got clipped in the collision. they had been at the hospital ever since but going to be okay. the. >> 30 seconds earlier and we wouldn't be here right now. 30 seconds later they could have been the car rate behind the them and it's just devastating. >>reporter: as for the driver of the suv, investigators say they don't know why she was driving so recklessly. >> hi writ of speed silver vehicle was traveling in had been for several blocks. at the time witness independent witnesses said that they couldn't believe how fast that car was going. >>reporter: police say charges against the woman are likely. in san francisco, lillian abc 7 news. >> giant hay fire in yolo county caused big air quality problems today in some parts of the bay year. the fire broke out just before midnight at best called hay kingdom on 50 50520 miles in vacaville still a lot of smoke today and officials say the fire could take another two days to burp itself out. nick smith last
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more from winters where the fire is burning. the. >> this was the scene of hay fire burned at the peek firefighters from winters and 5 other surrounding agencies working to get ahead of a blaze that continueed to spread to barns. extensive agriculture equipment. light up the night sky more than 200 tons of hay were consumed in fast burning inferno assisted by the wind. parts of yolo county remain under red flag warning and fire can still be seen off interstate five 5 near winters. more than 16 hours after the initial 911 call. >> certainly smoke can impact the freeway last night slow traffic and at times close portions of the highway. >> smoke also had an effect on air quality in winters and beyond. with the help of the wind the smoke was pushed down to pleasanton livermore and could be smelled in parts of santa clara county but shifted before health officials felt the need to issue an alert. now the slow long process as
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fares wait for the fire to burn itself out. >> we think we lost 20,000 tons of hay. and hay bale are going for 250 dollars a ton. >> haystack fire require more water than the fire department had on hand so they protected the buildings not burning and prevent the spread of the fire. between the structure the product and the equipment the loss at this time believed to be well above 6 million dollar dollars. in yolo county, abc 7 news. >> well the winds have changed giving us a bit of a break from the smoke. spencer christian is here with lack at live doppler 7 hd. it has eased. >> the winds are quite variable and shifting direction. good thing because it men the smoke coming from the fire is if moving in one direction in one community continuously. we take you counsel to location of the fire near winters and let's move over and look right now at wind speeds wind direction around the bay area and especially near concord
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fairfield if blowing out of the south west near blythe. in napa south east and out of the north west and winds continue to shift direction in various speeds throughout the afternoo afternoon. now evening hours so again that is a good think because all the smoke comes from the fire not continuously moving through one community. here's smoke levels in concord this afternoon. these numbers are measures of micro gram perfect cubic meter. see the smoke was at the peek in the air this afternoon at about 1:00 o'clock. the 31 gram per meter but taper off sharply. this is actually 3:00 o'clock. tapering off sharply at 4:00 p.m. and remaining relatively low level since then. so look like air quality is improving. we hope it continues to do so. dan. >> we certainly do thanks very much. see you shortly. >> sad story. 1-year-old girl her father and grandfather all dead after house fire in san francisco. it happened around
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1:30 this morning on 18 avenue at pacheco and city sunset district just south of golden gate park. little girl was sleeping on the top floor of the fall her father asleep in the basement. her xwrnd father was up there. the mother manageed to get out of the house. >> seems like they were doing all the right things. house not cluttered. working smoke detector. very, very tragic this morning. >> the victim have been identified as 1-year-old chloe and her father 33-year-old raymond and grandfather's name is not yet been released. man accused of killing a college student in san francisco may have been out hunting for a victim. he's facing several charges including murder in the death of 20-year-old valdez. he was shot in the back monday getting off muni light rail train for apparently no reason. district attorney says at the also faces assault charges for confronting another person with a gun earlier in the day.
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>> given the sirtion and earlier assault it appears that he was certainly out there looking to kill someone. it also seems leak in the first continue substance he didn't quite get the courage to pull the trigger. then in the second incident he did. >> also flashed a handgun on muni train several times but no one noticed. >> the neighbors in oakland are so mad about the crime in the area they are not going to take it any more they say. most recent high profile robbery of commuters in the rock bridge casual car pl area was a tipping point. so neighbors in rock bridge area on the map are four going on line to raise money for private security. here's laura anthony. >> one of them pulled a gun. and literally announced that this was a hold up. >> andy the crime recently plagued the neighborhood where he has his design business. week ago today he and a
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co-workers were held up at gun point at 10 in the morning. >> the ung man who pulled the gun led me around the office and force immediate to open drawers and desk and if was continually asking me where is the money where's the cash where's the valuable. >> we had a armed robbery in our neighborhood. >>reporter: he lives a few block from where commuters held up at gun point earlier this week. he and other residents are raising money in a crowd site to pay for private security in the neighborhood. >> we think as private citizens can do is if sort of take someone out of collective action and essentially help oakland pd bring out another set of eyes and ears to our neighborhood is. >> i think small price to pay for more eyeball out on the street and people taking note and saying it's not okay to come into our neighborhood and hold guns to people faces. >>reporter: so far the effort here has raised 11,000 dollars
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enough to pay for part-time security patrol here for at league the first few months. in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. >> drama on the high sea. coast guard team from alameda air-lifted a passenger from a cruise ship that had just left san francisco. take a look at the video now of the rescue taken from coast guard helicopter. it shows craw hoisting canadians passenger from the pool deck on the grand princess. the ship was 40 miles west of the golden gate bridge when the 79-year-old man suffered kidney failure. he was taken to stanford medical center. >> registered nurses at 5 bay area southern health hospital have reached new labor deal with management. rnf walked out 9 times during the last two years in prolonged dispute over wages and working conditions. we have been reporting this for quite some time. contract agreement was reached today. it affects 3000 registered nurses and several hundred respiratory x-ray tech negligence at southern hospital around the bay area. california nurse association
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calls the deal an achievement for nurses throughout the country. southern health officials tell us they too are pleased with the compromise. >> big win tonight for the were yours and pledge to build a new stadium at pier 32 and 30 in san francisco. the governor signed a bill that approves us using the pier for the new stadium parking grand jury and retail space. warriors say the billion dollar projectately finl return 19 million dollars in taxes a year. the san francisco mayor lee praised the governor and bill sponsor assemblyman fink for support thanksgiving waterfront arena. more to bring enthusiastic friday night. man who ran from police in belize is back and he's in the south bay this weekend. up next. john mcphee plan to make the internet unhackable. >> also. i-phone frenzy. person offered to pay 10,000 dollars for new gold 5 s. >> and first blast of winter literally to the ski resort
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that is taking a chance that it might last. stay with us 7 might last. stay with us 7 news
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goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is...
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fear itself. ♪ ♪ is man being held in connection with fatal stabbing of dodger fan near the giants ballpark is about to be freed exploratorium
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jail spokesman has confirmed that to us moments ago. police arrested michael montgomery yesterday on suspicion of homicide. police are still searching for other suspect. jonathan denver from fort bragg was killed after the dodger giants game wednesday night. police say montgomery and denver got no an argument. someone in montgomery group was wearing a giants hat. denver wearing dodgers gear. montgomery family claims it was self-defense. we have a full update on 7 news at 11 and follow us on twitter for breaking news at 7 news bay area. silicon valley tech by near claiming that he can make the internet hack proof. john mcphee escaped from belize where police still want to talk to him about homicide. but now he's launched this new web site and is promising solution to internet security called d central. david looked at the buzz mcphee now generating at south bay tech conference.
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>> john was apparently still is a person of interest in the belize after neighbor was found shot to death but the tech pioneer now person of interest at this technology conference. founder of the inpet security the firm is back in silicon valley promising he has a way to make the internet link proo proof. unveil details this weekend and everyone is paying attention. >> is it john or somebody else? somebody like that who has decided to jump well past any boundary we expected before. >> internet security is important to on line retailer who reaped 225 billion dollars in sales last year. and to bank but apple co-founder wonders if he can have iron clad security with the internet. >> how can you modify the infrastructure that is so huge. we'll totally get rid of highway and cars and go to some other upped the ground transportation. we have to build it all and destroy what we are used to. >> tech pioneer bushnell the founder of atarry says hack
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attack are more critical and more device from toothbrush to coffee maker connected to the internet. >> those items sound like they don't need security but they do. in a big way. some hacker can turn on the coffee pot, you know when i'm on vacation. things like that could be a problem. >> mcphee escaped from be lease and crazy man image engineer say branned -- brand him as out of the box thinger. he left his company years ago but silicon valley embraces people with brash new idea. unconventional visionary is speaking here at the convention center tomorrow afternoon in san jose, david louie 7 news. >> we'll see. mountain resort switched on snow making equipment this morning. temperatures in the upper 20's allow the resort to begin make crisp white powder hard to say whether it would stick but if it does, the resort is hoping to fire up the lift in 30 days.
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or just before halloween. pretty good trick and treat. >> and treat. >> spencer is here. >> sit will pay off. >> no business like snow business. okay. let's move on to the weather. here's a look at live doppler 7hd we have w
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image in the storm system in the gulf of alaska right now. moving down to pacific northwest and generally in our direction as well. this frontal system with chance of light rape for the bay area. start forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning at which point it's sunny and dry and mild across the bay area but watch animation here take saturday sunday cloud thicken on sunday across much of the bay area and look like area of light scattered showers will develop up to the north bay mainly sonoma county northward and could be a couple stray showers that could reach other parts of the bay area generally though we expect any rain that falls to be in the north bay and that would be sunday night into monday morning. overnight
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this night we see clear sky and relatively cool but pleasantly cool conditions with low temperature low mid 50's. tomorrow sunny skies and mild to the warm in the south bay we see high from upper 70's to santa clara san jose to mid 80's at los gatos and morgan hill. peninsula mainly if i were 70's from redwood city to mount view on the coast. 66 at pacifica. 68 half moon bay. downtown san francisco high of 72 tomorrow. 68 in the sun set district up in the north bay and high up around 80 degrees at santa rosa. 81 nap a.east bay high of 78 at oakland and san leandro. 79 at fremont. inland east bay warmer with high in the low to mid 80's. 82 at concorde. 84 livermore and walnut correct and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecas forecast. few more clouds move into the picture on sunday. again chance of light rain mainly north bay late sunday into early monday and late monday and we have sunny mild conditions tuesday through
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friday. next friday we have high pressure back in the mid 80's again in our inland location so cool down for just a couple l days and warm-up rather quickly again. >> all right. thanks very muc much. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. swimming pool shut down. strange side effect shut down. strange side effect discovered by
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>> stay away. >> chemical unbalance in the water from high p h level and 10 times the acceptable amount of chlorine mixture. parents
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say water polo players suffered burning eye bleached hair even loss of body hair. school district is down playing the effects. >> i don't think you saw a list of things happen. you saw a list of potential things that could happen with the chemical im balance. the only complaint is from the parents specifically saying that concern about that happening with students. >> well the chemical im balance traced back to broken carbon dioxide tank. replacement ordered and pool should reopen in about a week time. >> well during last tonight forty-niner game you saw the abc 7 wave make its way through our newsroom. that's why we weren't on at 9:00 because of that. it took a lot of team work to get the right shot. ton of fun but had to get the timing just right. carolyn and cheryl after few take we were so happy we nailed it obviousl obviously. what you might not know is that the wave kept ongoing. here's some more of the abc 7 team getting in on the abc 7 team getting in on the action. watch
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the ♪ if. >> takes tall tonight make a great team. carolyn and tyler there. glad we let ours shine. thanks for sharing in the forty-niner fun with abc 7 one of director capping it off. if you want to see our wave again find both video on our web site and on our facebook page. really great fun and a lot of good times here at the station making that. while you are it
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will take a look at the 7 scavenger hunt question. so far our the fan with most correct answer is margaret h shanks for sharing in the fun appreciate it. check that out when you have time. >> mav on to some other news tonight. lor to bring you on 7 news at 9:00. >> she was the kind of girl that would come in to the a room and without saying it, say remember me? fichlt father of polly class speak was 7 news before the 20th anniversary of her kidnapping and murder. changes in the law that it sparked. >> also the president calls the leader of iran. 15 minute call that could change history. >> and mid-air emergency hero jump into action when commercial airline pilot suffers heart attack. another suffers heart attack. another half hour of abc 7 news
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goglossophobia, is the fear of public speaking. ♪ ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself. ♪ ♪
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>> next week mark the 20th anniversary of story that stunned the bay area and entire country for that matter. young girl snatched from her home in petaluma. you know the story. abduction and killing of polly glass ultimately led to major changes in this state from the law to police procedures. wayne is on the story. >> i don't forget. and i don't for give. >>reporter: mark glass hardly needs introduction. he moved on from profound personal strategy with reminder on walls and shelves of his home and residing in his heart. >> in my mind she's 12-year-old girl but of course i think about high school graduation, getting married, starting her own career, having her own children of course i think about those things. >>reporter: especially now. october 1st will mark the 20th
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anniversary of polly abduction from a slumber party in her petaluma bedroom. abduction in fot of her friends, abduction that led to her death. >> he had a knife. he threatened them the. he subsequently tied them up and gaged them then he left with the victim. >>reporter: polly class may have been the perfect also girl next door. maybe that's why petaluma came out in force to look for her. not tens of people. not hundreds. thousands. >> if it was our daughter that the we would want people to be out looking for her. >> bring her back. >>reporter: it was not to be. and painfully so. imagine learning later that police had detained and released the killer richard allen davis on sonoma county road a little more than an hour after the break-in. they had known nothing about the crime. it was a systemic failure. >> what happened is that the interpretation of that all
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points bulletin by those dispatchers was that they should not notify deputy in patrol cars because the media might be monitoring those frequencies. >>reporter: mark class can never bring his daughter back but in the years since he made certain that polly death does have some meaning. today we have amber aall right. and we have the 3 strike law because richard allen davis was repeat offender. niece san quentin right now sentenced to death. >> i will witness that execution with great joy. yes. i'll drink champagne after he's snuffed. and i love itless thing he saw were my eye because i know that the last thing my daughter saw were his eyes. he saw the fear in her her eyes he would see the the hatred in mine t. >> beyond 3 striking and amber alert the kidnapping led to requirements that require sex offenders register where they
9:33 pm
live. and based object mistake police said there is an entirely new set of fbi protocol for missing children cases. mark class plans to observe the anniversary of close friends and police and volunteers who worked on the case as well as with survivors of kidnappings and the family he has helped. in the newsroo newsroom, abc 7 news. >> many family he's helped. >> steroid moment today and perhaps progress in the relationship between the united states and iran. president of both country spoke by phone for 15 minutes today. he did the first conversation between the nation leaders since 1979. marsy has the details on the developing news. >> historic phone call today between president obama and iran newly elected president. first time leaders at the united states and iran have spoken since the iran hostage crisis. >> very fact that this was the first communication between an american and iran president
9:34 pm
since 1979 underscore the deep mistrust between our country but also indicates the prospect of moving beyond that difficult history. >> conversation comes after the president there decided not meet face to face with president obama tuesday while in new york for the un general assembly. today call a step towards reassuring the u.s. that iran is ready to work towards an agreement on its nuclear program. >> i believe personally that in not too distant future we'll be able to resolve and celts the nuclear issue. >>reporter: he boarded his flight new york to tehran this tweet from his official twitter account. nicety exchanged between 2 leaders of nations that have been at odds for decade. first step in process president obama says will be challenging but possible. >> i do believe that there is a basis for resolution. >>reporter: from here
9:35 pm
secretary of state john kerry and iran foreign minister who met for the first time yesterday will now lead the charge in working towards nuclear deal. told to did so quickly. abc news new york. >> and while the president spoke with iran president he was not talking with republica republicans of congress. they want to defind his affordable health care legislation or shut down the government. it could happen in three days. president says that's not going to happen. >> nobody gets threatened of the united states just to extract political concession. nobody gets to hurt our economy millions of innocent people just because there are a couple of law you do not like. >>reporter: u.s. senate approved spending gap bill that will get us through mid november to head off shut down. that set up a rare weekend battle to the reroo solve the impasse. if not worked out before tuesday the government will shut down first time in 17 years. >> well the un security council
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voted to secure and destroy serious chemical weapon stock pile landmark vote happened short time ago major breakthrough in the fight to take poison gas off the battle field and escalating conflict in sir yeah. russia and chin a previously veto 3 western bank. that resolution pressuring the regem toned the violence. international conference on sir why political transition is expected to take place in november. >> here's wild story. pilot of commercial jet suffers heart attack at the controls and the co-pilot takes action. 2 passengers rush in to help too. neals has more on this drama moment by moment. >> chaos in the cockpit before 8:00 p.m. on united airlines 737 speeding its way from houston to seattle. co-pilot radio the tower. >> we have man down chest compression going on rate now.
9:37 pm
ambulance maybe off the runway. >> he'll get that going. >>reporter: captain himself 63-year-old henry skill is having a massive heart attack. over the plane p a the call goes out is there a doctor on board? >> everyone to stay seated and you could see they saw him giving the pilot cpr. >> pair of young army doctors were on board and rushed forward to help. pilot described as heavy man had to be pulled from the cockpit. first class cabin turned triage performing cpr on the floor. >> i saw them working on the captain. they were very impressed with how they worked together. >>reporter: another plane pilot heard the commotion and radio he had in. >> what's going on united. >> medical emergency. captain. >> okay. >>reporter: at the same time united pilot sitting among the passengers reportedly went to the cockpit to help as the plane made an emergency landing
9:38 pm
in boise, idaho. >> one of the reasons why we have 2 crew members airplane can be flown by either of the pilots. each pilot is fully capable of flying an airplane. >>reporter: despite everything the captain didn't make it. he was pronounced dead just few hours later. >> passengers feeling lucky to have landed safely were eventually put on another plan plane. this is abc news, seattle. >> mystery of the ocean revealed. camera and sensors scientist use to study under water volcano and form of life that [ maragno ] if the car was invented today, it would run on the most affordable energy source available. it would charge overnight. every morning, you'd wake up with a full tank, ready to go. if the car was invented today, it would be the 100% electric nissan leaf. with over 200 million gas-free miles driven and automatic hov lane access,
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the question isn't "why electric?" it's "why gas?" [ male announcer ] the 100% electric nissan leaf. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a 2013 nissan leaf for $199 a month. ♪ for $199 a month. thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can.
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>> researcher at san francisco exploratorium back from dra mat ix expedition. effort to study volume contains on the bottom
9:42 pm
of the ocean floor. site is off the pacific northwest coast but in our report, it's making research available to all of us here in the bay area. about this university of washington video shows research ship heading for one of the world deepest construction sites. >> they nut a cable ocean observation on the bottom of the ocean right on active volcano. >>reporter: 60 percent of the eruption happened under water. deep in the open ocean. subpoena l thinks being lowered no one of those hot spots 300 miles off the oregon coast. it's part of the ocean observatory initiative. coalition of researchers new era of he goes explore taition they provided this under water video. she was on the expedition bloging with life update telling the public what was going on. >> you are seeing octopus and
9:43 pm
shrimp and fish and amazing under water feature where you get this hot fluid from under the ocean floor and it's feeding microbe and supporting whole community of life that we didn't even know existed. several years ago. >>reporter: this is the top of active volcano that erupt $2 years ago. you can see the different type of lava flow and parts of collapsed lava basin even in the desolate virment there is life. national science foundation is spending almost a quarter billion dollars to cover this area with network of sophisticated camer cameras and instruments. system is being built by remotely operated control of the ship above. it takes 3 to 4 people from the canadians facility to run it. along with team of scientist and engineer engineers. >> making sure that everything is getting laid out properly no. kink in the cable. electric flowing and monitoring all the time. mile under the
9:44 pm
ship that's what is amazing. >>reporter: eventually lay 5 75 miles of wire to send life picture and data back to laboratory on land. the system is expected to be fully operational early 2015. but during this mission scientist tested some of the equipment including size meter and they worked. >> while they were taking data there was an earthquake and pretty significant earthquake that was recorded. it was really, really happy moment on the shift. everybody was super excited about that. >> once everything is in place scientist are eager to study both geology of the ocean and the life that depends on it. the ocean observatory initiative has 6 research site in ocean around the world but the only one that include as cable system on the sea floor. we have a link to more video and details of the mission at 7 just click on see it on tv. really remarkable stuff. coming up next 7 news at 9:00. kiss is just a kiss unless it happens during a game
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unless it happens during a game
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>> fix time you place a bid on ebay. consider this typo caused one bidder to offer 10,000 dollars for gold i-phone 5 s early this week more than 50 times the phone regular price with two year contract. while it's listed as sold on ebay the seller says he cancelled the transaction at the request of the buyer who apparently typed in one too many sear o. phones in such short supply however some are selling for more than 1,000 dollars on ebay and craigslist. just not 10,000 buck. back to spencer who is also very careful with the zero when he types in the temperatures. >> you are right about that. if i say 10 degree difference i don't mean 100 degree
9:49 pm
difference. we see clear sky across the bay area tonight. tomorrow state wide nice sunny mild conditions high pressure in the interior. parts of the state mainly in the 80's. way up north t-eureka a clouds light showers up there high of 67. in the bay area tomorrow sunny sky and high pressure ranging from upper 60's at the keingt to upper 70's around the bay and tomorrow is fog fest in pacifica. mainly sunny day for pacifica. mild. fog will roll in in the afternoon and evening hours so fog lovers will get what you like. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we may have to showers develop in the north bay sunday night into monday morning. doesn't look like this is heavy rain. certainly not area wide mainly north bay event if it develops at all sunny and warm-up the rest of the week. >> thanks very much. >> well kiss is just a kiss until it end newspaper double technical foul. diana and simone a were defending each other during last tonight wfba
9:50 pm
conference final between minnesota and phoenix. first there is a bump and she kisses her. apparently the it crossed the line referee stepped in and both were called for foul. women have played together since they were kids. >> don't get any ideas. >> the remember magic sky than son kissed isaiah thomas in the finals. >> i forgot that. didn't draw a foul is that i forgot you are right. >> the better friends now. he had to go one more. had to go one more. >> game one of the play offs.
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. push to reopen cold case long since closed. why police once again looking into the 2 decade old amber schwartz
9:54 pm
abduction. >> plus why the halloween season may a good time to scare up a job in the south bay. more coming up at 11:00 on channel 7. >> there you go. >> all beat up. all right. get to sports. decision to make. game one of the play offs. on the mound a open final series of the regular season in seattle. don't see the joel shirt in the stand because that means king felix on the mound. normally a's killer not any. moss in the first gone. 3 run shot. lost 29th of the year 3 zip athleti athletic. mariner matching power with power deep to left and that is out of here. 3-1 a's but caught looking there. struck out 8. pink hitting.
9:55 pm
derek north high deep and aloh aloha. rate now a's leading in the eighth. giants and padres willie mack award i hope so praitional players and coaches fans. in honor of willy. san diego up 1 nothing. perez off smith and this is his first career home runway to go. 2-1 giants in the third. pe built nearly makes the call. 4-2 giants. what better way to cap off this than the mack award. deep also. giants struggling all year with long ball. 3 in the first 3 innings. number 26 now leading 6-2 in the eighth. 49ers wept back to basic last tonight grinding out within over the ram with power game open the ground. set up the passing attack one week after gore reportedly upset about not
9:56 pm
getting the ball enough. run wild many 153 yard. touch down here. yard acknowledge total surpassed his the total amount first 3 gyms combine. davis bad hamstring touch down pass. much needed victory. >> just a special creation. he has different kind of blood throwing him than it's of us d do. his hamstring and it just heals back together. >> still in the first flood. full contact after suffering concussion monday night against the broncos. at practice still has one final test to pass before he is allowed to play sunday against the redskins. raiders not announced who they will start. san jose state scary. the quarterback carted off the field with a head giraffe hit against utah state.
9:57 pm
if honored before the game here. youth state led 23-60 half. chance to score in the first. burke appeared to 64 touch down. one off the plane but ruled him down. the coach should have challenged. instead he doesn't on the very next snap the ball over the head of davis. they recover. 4 against 4. ensuing drive. down to make a tackle and knocked unconscious. he was out medley. taken off the field on a stretcher. good news is dishave complete movement in all extreme. >> quarterback keaton. third touch down pass. they role in san jose 40-12. cal football team playing first road game of the season. enormous. bears heading to you gene other again to face sec rank team in the country. come off biweek every day of prep because best
9:58 pm
offense in the country. duck second in the nation in rushin rushing. second in points per game and could be a long night for fv nathan. >> scoring with 60 something a game and obviously moving the ball pretty well. the thing is we want to get the game into a a competitive game. played in a cup they will year. i think if we can do that maybe if it's it. >> favored by 37 going in the game. updates on the cal game. what stanford wsu and following ohio state in wisconsin after the game 8:30 on abc 7 news. >> nba. start training camp tomorrow. face media today. 7 foot center bogus. reach in there and. >> one of the endorsement deal. >> you are the boss.
9:59 pm
>> l stvt it's a good fit. >> too quiet. you got to be clear with the question. >> that's fair question. >> i happened to be joe of the warriors owner today and he is so pumped up. he's eltrifie electrified. niece great shap shape. 100 percent unhealthy like all the injuries from last place that should bring the life in practice. they have done a great job with the team. thanks very, very much. that's this edition of tv 20 for spencer and thanks for watching appreciate your time watching appreciate your time see you on chance el
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[♪] wow, they found a way to make the human being even creepier. covering him in icicles. i think it's festive. yeah, my favorite christmas tradition is trimming the hellraiser. guys, found something we can watch together for christmas this year.


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